Specialists in transport images

Trotskee Travel are one of the UKs largest sellers of transport photos, slides and negatives. Trading since 2005 we have built up a reputation as friendly and professional sellers, selling an eclectic mix of transport images from throughout the world. With a customer base spread throughout the globe, we take great pride in our sales and this is reflected in our overwhelmingly positive feedback over the years.

We have built up a formidable collection of negatives and images from the UK and around the world. Images will be added continuously so there will always be something new to see and buy. We specialise in selling worldwide Rail images and hope to someday get images from as many countries as possible to showcase railways all over the globe.

In 1990 my collection of Train and Bus Timetables went into my parents’ loft and they stayed there for 15 years, until a chance mention of them at my wedding. They were then dug out and we started to sell them. What started as a hobby in terms of selling off old timetables, slowly grew over the years into buying and selling timetables and publicity. In 2008 we started to sell slides, photos and negatives, and then in 2009 we decided to go full time.

Robin Fell, Trotskee Travel founder

Our other specialities are photos from London Transport and London Country from the 1970s onwards. These are the result of Robin’s father’s work over the years and total over 20,000 images. These images are all from negatives that remained developed, but were never printed and thus it is an interesting process seeing them finally come to life.

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